Ah, whimsy....

Images: Jette Frolich Design

The exquisite Jette Frolich!

This website is to die for and the woman is pure genius.
She also designs for Royal Copenhagen......my credit card is burning already!

My lovely Mum and I have been obsessing over the detail that gets put into these rooms, styled to perfection. If I ever have a home shop I want it to look exactly like the first photo...absolute heaven.

My great loves in interiors are of course lots of white, but it always looks so much more welcoming when combined with natural fabrics - not ironed because scrunched up looks better - and some twigs! A room would not be complete without some twiggys somewhere. Even my dingy nurses quaertes bedroom in the middle of nowere has some twiggys in a jar on top of my wardrobe....sad perhaps??

Be warned...this is not the last you will hear of twigs and branches...I am a woman obsessed!

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  1. Emma love your blog...keep up the great work. However you are not helping my resolve to not acquire anything....I mean ANYthing..there are too many temptations here...but oh I am sure I will be back


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