Lovely sheepies - lucky they have coats on....
Have a peaceful weekend everyone x
another stunning Scandinavian site I can't read....hee hee


  1. What a week it has been. Whenever I miss my Emmy all I have to do is open to White and Wander. Have a great weekend sweet cheeks! x

  2. A Scandinavian 'Bah' right back at'ya! ;-)
    I've never seen that site before, so I will have to explore it some more. It has a physical shop you can visit somewhere in sweden. I think I will have to go sometime...
    Have a great weekend!

  3. Hi there! First time I visit your blog. Love it! Will be back soon ...

  4. Hi Emma from WA, I'm A-M from QLD. A woman after my own heart... all things white......such similar tastes. I too worked in health care and tried to ignore the creative side of my brain... healthcare does that to you! As you and I are kindred spirits despite the fact that we have not met, you are most welcome to answer the tag I have left you over at my blog. Play along only if you want to. It took me a month to summon up the intestinal fortitude to follow through with mine! A-M xx


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