Bedroom heaven.....

Even when I had a boyfriend, many, many moons ago, I could never have let him chose the bedlinen - what a ghastly thought....probably would have been tiger print...shriek!!

It is one area of my home that is absolutely not open for negotiation! I have problems sleeping on anything other than white sheets -I'm sure it could be clinically proven in a sleep lab - but I am definitely open to a tiny hint of black in the form of these divine pillowcases that I am about to purchase (when I can remember my Pay Pal log in that is!).

They are from the fabulous Third Drawer Down, a Victorian company that prints limited edition art from Australian and international artist onto tea towels mostly - Kim has a gorgeous David Bromley one that we very unsuccessfully tried to put in a very dodgy Ikea frame - but with no current kitchen as I live in delightful nurses accommodation, I am having bedroom obsession instead...

If not sold on the whimsical illustrations, just read the little poem that goes with it....

All you need in life
a roof over your head
an apple tree in each direction of the sky
a sheep to keep you warm
a chicken for the eggs, obviously
a monkey to make you laugh
a ghost to make you cry
and finally
two horny bears

My darling friend Pippa thinks two horny bears is great...me too! And a monkey to make me laugh....I really respond to these kind of frivolous details!

Now if I can just remember that log in......

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