This divine Fisherman's Cottage in Sausalito, California, is by interior designer Stephen Shubel. I saw these photos on another blog (thanks Alkemie), but thought they looked familiar....rummaging through my design books I found the same photos from years ago, the ear tags still present to remind me of the different elements I admired...
Where to begin...?
The floor perhaps! Never seen those stripes of different stains done before but what an exquisite result?!? That room has such beautiful light, and how clever he was to either cover or only buy white books for the shelves on the far wall...

I love an unfitted kitchen, and a dresser is always called for in updated white of course...It looks great next to the black kitchen cupboards. I love a little bucket of flowers in the middle of the room too........great styling.

My Mum, design queen, has a collection of umbrellas a croquet mallets by the front door of their beautiful Adelaide Hills house too. The umbrellas are extremely useful (especially when ice storms are predicted) and although we don't play croquet, the mallets are a fabulous prop!

I have seen these screen printed numbered chairs done before..In another photo it shows that the back of the balloon chairs is actually in black and white stripes...bliss!

I love the combination of white upholstery and black and white high shine furniture. Of course, with windows opening up onto such a fabulous view, it is going to be hard to go wrong.

The lemon touches are what intrigued me the most....normally I would run screaming from yellow in interiors but this soft buttery colour helps the black pop and makes the white look whiter....stacks of higgledy piggledy books are always appropriate.....and that tiny footstool would probably look terrible anywhere but here xx

Now, where to find myself a fisherman with a cottage like this.....

All photos courtesy of Stephen Shubel

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