Chair Love ...

The A56 chair, by Frenchman Xavier Pauchard for Tolix, is galvanisation at it's best.

Originally designed in 1956 for the bistro culture in France, this iconic design prevails today. It's success lies in both it's practicality and beauty.

I am always reading how people find them in second hand shops in perfect condition .... Now, I have been known to spend a fair bit of time rummaging around those stinky places, and I don't seem to have shared in the glory.... woe is me.

If you, like me, have had no luck in finding some under a heap of dirty mattresses ..... they can also be found at The Conran Shop.


  1. And here:

  2. Challie - you are the best! That site is so beyond beautiful... and they ship to Australia ... my credit card is in trouble!

  3. these little chairs make me so happy!

  4. Love your blog!! I am also OBSESSED with those chairs. I want some silver ones really bad and continue to rummage through shops for them as well. :)


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