Day Birger...

Kim, I second the motion that Day Birger et Mikkelsen home wares are spectacular in every way. When I get to London to see Luce, I will be standing outside the shop crying...
from happiness of course x

Design wise, an ottoman as a coffee table often lends a softer note to a room than the harder lines of a regular coffee table. I think the secret to coffee tables is to be able to still see the floor a bit underneath them....It helps to extend the eye through the room.

I once made a coffee table out of a low bookcase turned on its side with castor's drilled into the 4 corners, and most importantly painted in many coats of semi gloss white paint. Pretty good DIY effort if I do say so myself....love an excuse to use my drill!

It now is sits comfortably in Kim's living room, looks much better there than it ever did in my old house! Many a dinner-wine-magazine-Pepsi max-blogging party has been held around it, and hopefully it lives long enough to see many more xx

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  1. oh emmy i have tears! - i've always wanted an ottoman coffee table and either use a silver tray or ratten basket as the 'sturdy' part to sit mags, wine - and glasses of pepsi max of course! But some how I can't seem to part with my "bookcase turned coffee table" made by my beautiful friend. Remember when it was tiffany blue in your bluestone cottage in Rose Park and I up ended a whole glass of red on it - an excuse to paint it white of course! xx


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