The Fab One ...

The man is a god!!!
Of course I'm talking about Thom Filicia, interior designer from the fabulous show 'Queer Eye for the Straight Guy'.
'Time honored classic simplicity and unexpected modern flair' is the vision for the company.
Doing a fairly good job, wouldn't you say?
I used to love Queer Eye, mainly for Carson's antics and seeing Thom transform those flea ridden bachelor pads from foul to fab. Unfortunately I didn't love it quite as much as my ex boyfriend who was borderline obsessed ... he loved camping it up, but was straight as a line. If he was gay, his decorating gene would have had to be more refined - tiger print is never classic simplicity or modern flair ...
P.S. I am upset at myself for actually posting a photo with a pool table in it ... but I think I can allow it just this once x


  1. what?! you don't think Thom would find a beautiful place for a 'hand carved specially made tiger clock'....

  2. In NYC I lived next door to Carson [prior to him being incredibly rich and thus moving from our unassuming street] and I used to love seeing him out and about. The best was at Christmas time he would always stand at the corner deli helping people pick out Christmas trees that most complimented their looks. He's a nut!

    I do love Thom's style! Great pics.

  3. Ditto Emma - I'm a Queer Eye aficionado & always thought Thom added such balance to all the antics! He has a very East coast design style, although now I've said that, someone will post that he's an L.A. native!
    Millie ^_^

  4. Ness LockyerJune 27, 2008

    I agree with the above. The Man is a ledgend. Some of those places they visit need condeming, not transforming.

  5. i love those chaise lounges in the 2nd photo. Can you imagine cozying up on one of those with a stack of vogues, marthas and the cheeky odd hello

  6. Oh Courtney, that is the funniest thing ever! Love Carson, his new show makes me cry! And Pip, bring on the mag fest - I can't even get a British Vogue over here ...!


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