Far, far away....

This is a picture of my beautiful sister Lucy, she is my twin.

I have been missing her dreadfully since she went to England, and I started this blog mainly to tell her all the pretty things I find. We have grown up being surrounded by our lovely Mum's magazines and design books - we used to read them at the breakfast table so it's no wonder we still obsess over them today! I miss not being able to colaborate with her in person!

She is a brilliant winemaker and moved to England to be Chief Winemaker at a lovely winery called Chapel Down, in Kent. I cant wait to see it, the photos on the website look gorgeous...

And she has a lovely new flat where apparently my decorating skills are much required! She assures me it has good bones and is white, so should be easy to spruce up in no time. Can't wait to go homewares shopping at Christmas when I go and see her....

Missing you Luce, hope you enjoy the blog xx

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  1. oh i miss her too! and I LOVE this photo of her - saw it on her facebook page. x


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