King Conran ...

Now here is a bar that I wouldn't mind frequenting ....
According to the extremely informative Conran site, The Royal Exchange, is a building opposite the Bank of England in the financial district in London. The bar and cafe of the same name, is in the centre and if this spectacular space wasn't enough, you can pop across the courtyard to Tiffany's for a bit of further inspiration ...
Fairly impressive ... imagine the bankers ...

Will add to my must-do-while-in-London list ...


  1. What - the bankers or the bar??? he he - you can remove this comment if you want. he he. x

  2. The bankers darling! Imagine those hansome bankers!!

  3. bankers will definitley be on my to do list as well! he he x

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.


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