Michael Sowa

Bunny Dressing
Is there anything cuter on the planet than a bunny dressing?

These delightful paintings are by a German artist Michael Sowa. He is known for his whimsical paintings, usually of animals, and has illustrated a number of childrens books..

Fowl with Pearls

Kohler's Pig

His illustraitons have also been seen in
'Sowa's Ark', 'Little King December', 'Bestiaire' and 'A Bear Called Sunday'
and he has out a wall calendar.....inspiration for my own calendar this year....

And, yes, it does appear that I have discovered how to make links to websites!


  1. My darling Emma, you a such a psychic squirrel - i was trying to explain this exact peacock pic to miss kimberlalee on Friday night. it is one of the paintings that Amelie has in her namesake movie.

  2. Really! I have never seen it in a movie, I only saw his work searching on poster websites for bunny pictures for Jen's little girls....small world hey? Will have to watch that movie again now...what a shame?!?

  3. how funny! i bought fowl with pearls today before stumbling across this entry! by the way i'm really enjoying your blog!

  4. I love your Fowl in Pearls. I've named her Agatha and she'll soon be hanging on the wall across from my desk in my office. I look forward to future conversations with her - me talking and her staring back at me as if to say "I don't give a --". She's perfect!!!!!!


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