Mrs S and the Quest...Part I

The divine and always stylish Mrs S is on a quest...

The quest for the perfect house....

To equip her with the appropriate photographic armoury, she has requested inspiration to show her silly builders that she really means business xx

The first series of inspirational images portrays the perfect-in-every-possible-way set from the movie 'Somethings Gotta Give'.

As only the most stylish would know, it is set in the Hampton's, US, where grey shingled barns and cool blue swimming pools prevail.

The set elements really do speak for themselves, but here are some of my thoughts...
The main thing I noticed in the movie is that there were thousands of lamps, which seem to have that fabulous detail of being wired directly through the floor so there are no dodgy power boards to trip over.

You can never again move the furniture, but for this house, I will make an exception.

Kitchen love!

This is not the best shot of the kitchen, no view of the gigantic french door fridge. Love the slate worktops and white Gustavian panelled doors.

The eternally classic library drawer pulls (I'm sure they have a real name but that is what I call them!) finish the look off perfectly.

The 2 standout elements here are undoubtedly the french doors and the underwater lighting in the pool. Topped off with weathered bricks surrounding the pool, whoever designed this set deserves an Oscar xx

Mrs S, enjoy and stay tuned xx

All photos are courtesy of Architectural Digest


  1. oh I LOVE.... and I know who Mrs S is and she will definitely LOVE this x

  2. I have actually fallen in love with this house... So much so that it was in my dream last night - i know, what a loser! I just see myself and my friends sitting so perfectly around that living room with a glass of wine in hand or lounging around that outside pool area with those beautiful french doors open. I can even see myself cooking up a storm in that kitchen (and i dont even cook!) It's AMAZING xxx

  3. Im glad you like it my dear - sorry my settigns were so tricky to comment, but now you have an account and you can do a blog all of your own xx

  4. Your blog is my favourite website - I enjoy the daily updates. LOVE LOVE the black cane chairs, actually I love EVERYTHING you write about. I enjoy the way you describe all the features of the photos you post. I especially love the "dreaming of winter" photo, oh and the photo in your Rebecca Thuss post of the outdoor wedding setting. Thank you very much for making a wonderful collection of beautiful things. We can only dream of having them all!

  5. I want a house just like this!

  6. AnonymousJune 30, 2008

    It is a long quest, but I am determined to have my dream home! Thank u Em for your commentary - brightens my day. xxx

  7. Mrs S approves! Yay for your blog Em - it brightens my day. xxx


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