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I have been tagged by the lovely A-M over at The House That A-M Built
How very flattering ... thank you for thinking of me x

What were you doing 10 years ago?

The horrible thing is that I can't remember an awful lot of this year ...
I was 17 and in my first year of university studying Medical Sciences ..
I do remember feeling rather sick at Thursday morning dissecting classes ...
And I do remember this photograph being taken ...

Five items on your to do list today?
Today I had about 105 items on my list - I am quite a compulsive list maker you see ...

Follow up quite a few people with unmentionable diseases ... yes, ew, prepare some education on IV drugs (naughty non-prescription ones) for the lovely emergency department nurses, still at work - but sneak a look at flights to London for Christmas to see my sister, post a letter to my Grandma that has been in my handbag for a week - sorry G x and finally take my sheets off the washing line after 4 days

Snacks I enjoy

Do I have to choose just one??

More often than not ... an ice cold glass of Pepsi Max and a few squares of Top Deck Chocolate. Or if I'm feeling virtuous, crisp apple finely sliced up with Parmesan slivers (Oprah told me).

What would you do if you were a billionaire?

This one is easy. I would volunteer.

Last year I had the fabulous good fortune to be asked to go to East Timor to volunteer as a Nurse. It's a beautiful country that has been ravaged by invasion and corruption, and one of our closest neighbours.

So it was finally happening and of course, I decided to go.

I had just enough money to pay my rent for 3 months, and I have never worked so hard or in such challenging conditions in my life, but it was absolutely worth it . I am sure that the feeling of satisfaction I gained from helping those patients and training the local nurses was far greater than my impact on their lives. Even so, in a small way, I know I helped.

If I was a billionaire I would have enough money to take off and volunteer every year for a few months and help to get clinics built where they are most needed. I would love to be able to take family and friends with me too - we all have skills that are needed, even if they may not seem as obvious as those of a nurse. I have seen how much of an impact just giving your time can have. It is something that I will never forget, and hope to be able to do again.

Confusing that I love interior design so much as well, hey?

Believe me, I'm just as muddled ....

Where would you live?

Tricky ... I am fairly sure I would need a few different houses ... A big red shed (my brother the Architect student understands!) in the hills near my parents ...An apartment in Cape Town overlooking the coast for when I'm jetting in and out of Africa ...A warehouse in London when shopping and theatre is required ...And my yacht moored somewhere close by, with a Captain at the ready to sail me away on the next adventure ...

Blogs I would love to hear from ...

Brown Button - fun and wit at every post, Maison Luxe - interior designer and fellow puppy lover and All Things Blue - Scandinavian bliss x


  1. oh the pressure!!! what do i do? answer the same questions as you?? lovely writing bella x

  2. Emma this post is fantastic - I feel as though I know you much better! What a good & kind heart you have.

    However I was shocked to see Cadbury chocolate pictured - I really had you figured as a Haigh's girl!!

    Millie ^_^

  3. I just can't go past the good old faithful but that said, the next person to visit me will not get picked up at the airport without some Haighs froggies!


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