Weekend Away Anyone....?

I think heaven is a hotel called La Maison Douce.

Translating to 'Sweet House' in English, and located on the Ile de Re, a tiny island off the west coast of France, this mini boutique hotel has all its bases covered.....

White washed wood, sea grass matting, natural fabrics, rustic urns....

And that is just the foyer......

Crisp white linens, mismatched vintage furniture, skinny spindly lamps, rough white washed boarded walls........
Beach wood mirrors, more spindly lamps, soft grey dining chairs and more of that dappled coastal light streaming in....


Each bedroom is named and decorated after elements of the natural landscape such as La Treille (vine arbour), Les Bois Flottes (driftwood) or Les Galets (shingle).

I think I could handle this without any trouble at all...

Thanks to Homes and Gardens for the link


  1. Emma your blog is just lovely! Wouldn't have thought anything else really as you are a Hills gal after all!
    Looking forward to checking back often - take care in the wilds of W.A.
    Mille ^_^

  2. Emma, hopefully in a few weeks I am of to France...
    I have been making a list of delightful places to visit (off the toruist route) and enchanting abodes wherein to lay my weary head...this one is on my list for sure.
    Thanks for posting it.

    where in the wilds of WA are you?
    The mines?

    I am loving you blog.


While of course I appreciate your generous comments, please don't feel obliged ... just having you stop by is lovely enough!

Happy day dear friends xx