Who needs Xanax....

Originally designed for soldiers in World Was II, reproductions of this poster,
have been popping up in many a magazine editorial lately...I don't buy them anymore Mum, I promise xx
I think it has more relevance in this day and age for those who open their credit card bills...
Wouldn't it look fabulous in the evening hanging over a narrow hall table, lit by a white shaded lamp? I love something reflective, not necessarily mirrored, to light a dim hallway....and also to give you something to smile about as you put down your keys and kick off your stilettos...

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  1. oh i love this - and you have just solved my dilema. I couldn't work out what colour to buy it in, and i hadn't even considered black - perfect!!! - go with my Bromley Tea Towel (if it ever returns to it former glory on the way...) in my hallway x


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