Winter Bedroom...

Oh how I would love to snuggle up in here on a cold winters morning...
Hope it is not too cold where you are from today xx


  1. Sally AnnJune 23, 2008

    Hi Emma, just found your blog am so glad to be finally finding some good Aussie blogs.Look forward to visiting again.

  2. Thanks so much! I agree, most of the blogs around are from the US - happy to help and glad you like it xx

  3. What a delicious room Emma - just love the glimpse of what looks to be a balcony thru' those amazing French doors!

    As I don't work on Mondays & it has been so overcast & chilly in Stirling today, I've had the fire roaring all day @ home & I've still had to put extra layers on.

    Think I need to do a Beach House post soon to remind me that Summer will eventually appear.
    Millie ^_^

  4. You have cold winter mornings? Well, I always pictured Austraila bathed in sunlight. I would love to snuggle up in that bedroom even on a day like today - even thought it's summer here, it's much too cold and grey and windy.

  5. Oh my god! That is my dream bedroom! Alicia

  6. Thankyou all for your lovely comments! All Things Blue, you are right; it's definitely not as cold as a euro winter, but it sure calls for long sleeves ... x
    And to the beautiful Alicia, will style you up one just like it when I get home xx

  7. I love those doors in this room. I totally agree with the staying in bed. It is freezing here today in Tasmania. I think I need a heat at the fire.
    Ness x

  8. That is truly a wonderful beroom and bed of course:-)
    You have such a lovely blog wich I enjoy reading!

    Have a great day!

    Hugs Gunilla from Singapore


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