Zara ...

The styling for Zara Home catalogues is consistently spectacular ...

These pictures are from the 2007 summer catalogue ... and remind me so much of the lovely studio apartment I lived in last year ...

I have such happy memories of being there even if my half glassed roof meant that during the peak of summer it was unbearable ...

The things we do ...!


  1. are you kidding? How can stuff be this beautiful!?!? - and Zara? I just thought they did kick arse clothes - I'm so not going to save any money when I hit the UK next year.

    Yes - definitely aspects of the killer place you had last year - the aluminum table, the little 'bathroom' that made you feel like you were on a yacht or boat, and the sunshine at the crack of dawn when I've fallen asleep on your couch after too many wines on a friday night!! - ahh the memories x

  2. This is amazing. I am off to view the site now...you are a bad influence. lol!
    Ness xx

  3. I wish we had a Zara home here. I love their stuff - like Anthro but not as pricey and not as shabby chic.

  4. Lovely colors - the last one is great!

  5. oh Yes I love Zara Home! They have such great inspiration. Have a nice day! Daisy~


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