Air Mail ...

I am someone who loves to have cards around just in case I am struck by an unquenchable desire to send someone a note .... I already have loads of cards in my Stationery Box (very sad I know), but I can always have more ...

These cards are whimsy delight! Another fab Etsy find, this time from the lovely What Katy Had shop. They come from Wales - how lovely knowing that they have to fly half way over the world to get to me!

Never underestimate the power of mail! There is nothing lovelier than receiving a hand written note - at the moment my dear old Grandma and I write to each other, and even though her writing is getting a little shaky, it is lovely to see written words just for me xx


  1. I think these cards are so cute. Etsy is the best and you are right about getting a hand written letter, nothing like it.

  2. these are so you em. Beautiful.

  3. cuteness personified. great etsy find.

  4. Lovely. I have a drawer full too...and so does Lucy. Lets write! xx


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