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I have had the great fortune to be sent the link to the Sundance Catalogue by the lovely Challie. See, this is why comments are great - I would have never stumbled across this website otherwise!

The Catalogue is originally an endeavour of Robert Redford's ... after purchasing land in northeast Utah in 1969 to foster an artisan community in the pristine rural surroundings which was then renamed Sundance, the General Store was inundated with requests for their goods ... thus the beginning of the Catalogue.

Redford then went on to found the Sundance Film Festival (but who knew he actually founded the town!) as well as various other endeavours in the area.

The products are spectacular. The prices aren't cheap but I think that artisan goods are worth supporting - I especially love the chicken coop shelves ... they would go so well with all my dented mismatched furniture ...

But these photos are just a tiny snippet ... also for sale are clothes, shoes, jewellery and other home decor and furniture ... Another great plus is that they do ship to Australia ... credit cards beware ... anyone want to share a shipping container? xx


  1. OMG - I see what you mean!?!?!??! looking at all the photos first I was thinking these are totally "emmy house" items - and they are the sundance stuff! eek - definitely now know how I am spending my hungover work day after the night of end of financial year dinner - surfing this site baby! x

  2. Who are you foolin' miss emma, you would fill that shipping container all by your lonesome.
    I love that last case.

  3. I love the glass light shades, and the shelves, and the.....

  4. So many lovely things... I have to take a closer look in the catalogue :)

  5. oooh, we are going to be friends i can tell! love all of it!!

  6. what a great line. i will have to add it to my shop loves!


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