Belle ...

What a pretty french house ... my first from this country and won't be my last ...Luce is obsessed with France, having been there numerous times, but I have unfortunately never gotten there on my trips to Europe. I will have it up to go with her - much easier since she is fluent!

I wonder if all the houses are as lovely as this...?

In this photo, the main thing I love is the floor! A lovely grey brick pattern ... it makes that spindly legged table stand out so well ... and that lovely mysterious curtain ... I wonder what secrets lie behind it ...

Normally I would run screaming from an arch way - it brings back memories of some highly dubious student housing ... ugh! In this case though, the arch is redeemed by being made of panes of glass - an interesting feature that I really quite like ...!

And did you notice how the bricks are just in the hallway down the centre? I have never seen this done before - a detail to keep in mind for future reference ...

This is a very serene place to do some work ... well edited with just the bare essentials. I wish my office had a chair and desk like that ... and I am really fond of the juxtaposition of those linen blinds with a sparkly chandelier ... glamour with a touch of shabbiness always catches my eye x

Eric d'Herouville for Cote Maison


  1. Gorgeous, just gorgeous! You must hurry over to Country French Antiques, Shawn's latest post features a French country house that is drop dead amazing - much like this wonderful post. A lovely find Emma!
    Millie ^_^

  2. What a fabulous find Emma! So much natural light. So inviting. Jane
    P.S. How does one reach you-I don't see an email addy.


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