Beloved Bunting ...

A gorgeous party ... what could be lovelier than a big old barn with colourful bunting decorating the rafters?

My rule for parties is to always draw the eye up and down at the same time....
I have learned much from the Master...

The idea is to gain as much height as possible (leaving space to look through to the person opposite of course) as well as having low-level accent on the tables.

Add height with fairy lights, lanterns, garlands, chandeliers and those lovely but very hard to find circular balloons. And of course, tall sparse flower and branch arrangements are always lovely.

Ideas for lower level focus are mirrors to bounce light around, tea lights, low flower bunches or many single blooms, creative place card settings and unusual linens such as muslin, ticking or perhaps my beloved brown paper.

In this example, the bunting provides the height, saving you money on massive flower arrangements, and leaving room for these tasteful pots of flowers down below.

Pretty, simple and elegant.
But that's just how I do parties ... I would love to hear your ideas!


  1. I am sure you do the best parties, Emma.

  2. Oh, so pretty Emma! Cox&Cox have some similar ideas over @ their site at the moment, & many more gorgeous things.
    Millie ^_^

  3. That barn...beautiful...I would move in. I like to personalize a party with decor that has meaning to the guest of honor and with party favors. Love creating that lasting impression through a favor.

  4. so cute and festive. not something you see at every party...definitely originality points!

  5. i'm completely obsessed with garlands right now. this is just a perfect use.

  6. But where to find great bunting in Australia??? So far, I can't find anything just right. Good grief, I may have to make it myself!


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