Black Thumb ...

While it is way too hot in Australia for spending time in a conservatory ... you would die of heat exhaustion and so would your plants ... I can still dream ...
In this dream it is a cloudy day ... so I will be in the conservatory with a cup of tea and British Vogue if you need me xx

Conservatory deluxe from Skona Hem


  1. cool! i'll see you there in five!!! - oh how good would that be.... miss you emmy!! xx
    PS - consveratories always remind me of you ma and pa's house in the hills. It's a top of 14oc today here, brrrrr.

  2. why do terracotta pots always looks best when they are old and beat up and faded? soooo pretty!! i love your eye emma!

  3. too funny. My black thumb has killed a lot of my plants this year! I have no idea why!!!

  4. I share your want for a conservatory Emma.


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