Cabbage Props ...

I have a recent obsession with Ornamental Cabbages ...

Not to eat though, to use as props ...

They are a bit tricky to find but well worth the hunt ... Apparently you can actually get quite little ones and but these big white 'Tokyo Blanc' versions are just divine as well. They have been cultivated for centuries by the French and I think it is high time we Australian's caught up and got our gardens overflowing with them - very likely that it's too hot but I really know nothing about gardening ... I even killed my rosemary and that is invincible (sorry Pip!)

Mum and I have a recently hosted a party for her lovely friend Jo's 50th birthday and managed to track some down for props. We had them in big vintage zinc buckets that we had bargained with a truly crazy lady for in a junky country second hand shop. She needed to be committed. They looked fab if I do say so myself xx

I want them at my wedding (note I don't even have a boyfriend so they may be an extinct species by then), in large glass urns with half their leaves submerged under water, and on the other tables, giant bunches of white blossom in baskets ... that's another post altogether though! xx

Thanks to the fabulous British Homes and Gardens for the photos


  1. they've had a heap of thepink ones at The Flower Stand lately - they are so cute, but how do you stop them smelling like stinky poo cabbage?
    PS - no worries about the rosemary. Its lucky it didn't die on the drive over to your house, that's how black my thumbs are.

  2. PPS Can you PS in a comment?

  3. PPPS I think you can

  4. I'm with Pippa on this Emma! The only thing cabbages are good for are as ojects of decoration. Your pics of these ornamentals are wonderful.
    Millie ^_^

  5. First time on your blog and I love it!
    My mom bought quite a few small ornamental cabbages when they were in season, put them in little terracotta pots, and had them in a vintage plant stand. It looked adorable!


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