Cotton Crush ...

I love cotton for weddings.

This cotton bouquet from Jupiter images is just gorgeous.

While roses are always classic and beautiful, I think bouquets and table arrangements of the uncommon blooms are just as, if not more, creative and original .


Apple blossom





Baby's Breath

Yes, I said Baby's Breath ... it sounds very 80's but I promise you, it would work xx


  1. i am inspired, now if I could just find A Man so I can have a wedding.

    I am totally devoted to your blog, and looking forward to your new flat images...how great to be out of a nursing home.

    I am hoping that French Abodes do all look like that as France is on my travel list for next year.

    And yes if we cant go over the top at christmas then when can we?

  2. BEAUTIFUL! Earnest Sewn used cotton as their window display in NYC a few months ago. I still have the image saved to my computer.

  3. What a great idea for weddings! I have never thought about it before. Brilliantly gorgeous!

  4. Oh I hear you. I had sprigs of wheat in amongst my cream roses... I loved my bouquets.... although every time I had a sniff of them I poked my eye out with the wheat...bridesmaids kept doing it too! A-M xx

  5. i just stumbled across your blog - i have never seen cotton before but it is absolutely lovely!

  6. What a great idea! It's so beautiful and wonderful -- just perfect for a southern belle wedding!

  7. Have never considered cotton even in a vase before, let alone for a wedding, and yet, the way you've presented it here -- it's really quite lovely.

  8. Where do I get one of these handsome bouquets? I just must have it.

  9. I really want one too but how?


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