Courtyard Chic ...

A stunning courtyard, I am sure you would all agree ...

A fabulous combination of aging shingles, limey grey concrete, slate, scrubby old red bricks, weathered wood planks and the always beloved topiary ...

Couldn't be more perfect really?

A great spot for a cup of peppermint tea and a flip through British Vogue ...

Featured in the Cote Maison and photographed by Christine Fleurent


  1. Emma the courtyard is perfect...when can I move in?

    I hope you had a great day because I am sorry to tell you that the link for Cote Maison isnt working....
    I tried twice. I asked it to work as you will be all relaxed when you get home and not need link hassles...but to no avail...sorry.

  2. oh i likee very mych. I wish my courtyard looked like that - i wonder where they hide their foldable clothesline!

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