Danish Christmas ...

It is 5 months until Christmas and I am already planning my decorations ...
Sad I know ... but Christmas is my favourite opportunity to do some over-the-top decorating!
When I moved to WA, I carefully wrapped all my decorations and labelled them so my darling Mum would know exactly what boxes to send over when I called for them ... some I have had for years and they are dearly treasured ... there are fairy lights by the kilometre, glass icicles, turquoise baubles and my favourite 12 Days of Christmas set ...
I am sure Alicia remembers me dragging a gigantic 3 m dead branch into the house last year to hang them exclusively on ... looked fab if I do say so myself ...!
I have already posted on this absolutely spectacular designer, way back at the start of my blogging, but it seemed appropriate to revisit since no-one does Christmas decorations quite like her ...
Luckily they are available by mail order in Australia ... I can feel my credit card tingling with excitement already ...
Whimsical and beautiful and oh-so-Danish!
But the main reason I feel we are kindred spirits ...?
The woman loves a branch!


  1. I get very excited about Christmas too.These are lovely decorations I shall be off to visit them...Amanda

  2. Oh pretty! Emma we seriously need to get ourselves a Dane. Surely Fredrick has more brothers stashed somewhere!?!?!? x

  3. Gorgeous, gorgeous decorations!

    I'm still recovering from a brain-snap I had last year, when in a cleaning frenzy I tossed out what I thought were empty cardboard cartons from under the stairs.

    3 mths. later when setting up our Chrissie tree I had the OMG moment when I realized I'd chucked out all our bud lights. Years of collecting, $$$$'s - I'm still in therapy over it!
    Millie ^_^

  4. I also love Jette Froelich and her beautiful Christmas decorations. Personally, I am a snowflake decoration collector and get very excited when the Christmas decorations hit the shops. Jette has some beautiful snowflakes which I have so far resisted purchasing...but I think the time might now be right!

  5. These pictures are so lovely. Do you know where you can buy the iron, 3-tier wreath stand? Thanks!
    California Dane


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