Impossibly perfect ...

I am super super excited to have found the photos of possibly my favourite house in the world.... I know that is a very big call but ... it is perfectly un-perfect in every way. Happy happy me stumbled across them here xx

By all rights, this house shouldn't look so good - its bones really aren't that great - It has quite low ceilings but they are saved by the lovely planking, and it has small rooms, but they are all open to each other with door-less doorways to give the house a lovely feeling of flow.

Drenched from floor to ceiling in lashings of white paint, this house is light and bright and warm and comfortable ... and my beloved Tolix chair appears again ... a set in black and white is just plain greedy!

The standout features are really the furniture and props, not the architecture, which is much more to my style of decorating ...

These giant silver tubs of olive trees are a very unexpected decorating tool - normally seen in a courtyard, they look just lovely in the kitchen and the bedroom (below). And the very simple light fittings are just lovely.

This is a perfect kitchen. It's not showy or sophisticated but it is got everything it needs to be a lovely family space. I love a window over a sink ... being able to look out over the garden while you do the worst chore in the house should brighten even the grumpiest of days x

I really like this little table and the dark mirror with the candle sticks in front. This hall space is so beautifully decorated - carefully edited props in dark and metallic finishes contrast with the super simple open stair.

Again - this really shouldn't work - the coffee table is much higher than seat height! But it does work ... and it looks lovely. I think it is the space under the coffee table that looks so good, and I am always a fan of wall sconces even if you can see the electrical cords hanging down. Rooms always look better if they are not too perfect ...

And here, another rambly over-sized topiary, an unusual but eye-catching choice for a bedroom. Paired with a vintage park bench and shutters, this bedroom is casual and understated.
Love xx
Lars Ranek photographer extrordinaire


  1. I agree with all your comments about this house. It just goes to show that furniture and accessories can make the plainest of houses look spectacular. Of course, a bit of white paint goes a long way too. Love this post.

  2. 2 outstanding features here for me Emma: The pair of old shuttters against the bedroom window & the topiary olive tree tubs in the kitchen.

    Yes, it's obviously styled, but who gives a rats, this is still an incredible example of style that just WORKS!
    Millie ^_^

  3. Good call...I completely agree. I love that old mirror by the staircase, as well. Gorgeous!

  4. So, so gorgeous...I so love all these images...I should be working but your blog has definitely distracted me... Love it.....
    Take care

  5. I have to comment on this post even though it is old. I see that you have tagged the photos with "Swedish" It's a Danish house, though, it lies in the Northern part of Zealand, a part of Denmark that is very beautiful and rather expensive when it comes to house prices. :-)

    Just thought I had to tell you since it's your favourite house in the whole world. :-)

    Just found your blog today and find it very lovely and interesting.

    Jette in Denmark

  6. Thankyou Jette for your gentle correction, I perhaps love it even more now that I know it is danish ... clearly I am obsessed with all things Dane. We just have nothing like this in Australia, and I am constantly inspired and intrigued by what I see in the fabulous Skona Hem. Please keep reading and picking me up on my mistakes, I really do appreciate it!

  7. Ah! Somebody else obsessed with white interiors! It's a pleasure to meet you. Always nice to find fellow Perth bloggers.


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