Loft Party ...

Party perfection by Artfool ...

A party isn't complete without a black and white dancefloor ...

And the Philippe Stark Louis Ghost Chairs aren't a bad touch either xx


  1. Now THAT is a chair to have at a wedding/party/function - not a slip cover or sash in site - yeah baby!!! - see how you can't even SEE the chairs - ABSOLUTE PERFECTION!!

  2. What a stunning room..and the chairs! Love the chandeliers. I agree Kimberlee, I hate those covers with the sash.

  3. Ooohhh yeah, that is wedding central/ party central/ house central. I adore it, almost choking with adoration. Where do you find these things Emmie?

  4. Sally AnnJuly 08, 2008

    What a great party shot and the Phillipe Stark Ghost chairs I just love. Would love to find a copy to suit a present client.


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