Love and a violin playing goat ...

How lovely to open Google the other day and see my all time favourite artist featured ... Marc Chagall.

It has been changed because it is his birthday ...

I have a Chagall - obviously not an original though! It is called 'La Mariee', most well known as the painting that Julia Roberts gives Hugh Grant in Notting Hill.

I got it for my 21st from Lucy... I gave her a Marc Newson Rock ... we were having a very 'Marc' kind of birthday ...

I also have a little print of this one, 'Promenade', given to me by a dear friend. It travelled with him on his way home from one of his trips to Israel ...

Even though some of his works were politically motivated, most are happy and lovely and based on the themes of weddings, new love, animals and the circus ... I dream of having a gallery hanging in a long hallway, unframed and simply mounted under glass.

Beautiful xx


  1. I recently saw a wedding invitation with his art in the background. It was so gorgeous!

  2. Chagall is definitely intriguing. Is it his use of color, his floating scenes, that childish flair? I don't know, but it definitely pulls me in. My favorite source for info and images is:


  3. Thanks for the tip Andrew, that site has some fabulous works that I haven't seen before ... will be spending hours now trawling! Thanks! Could you open your profile so I can check your blog ...? xx

  4. I actually don't have my own blog yet, but I will look into it now that you say that. If you find any other art that amazes you, do tell me about them! --Andrew


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