Moving ...

I wish I could stretch out on my back like this cuddly puppy and relax this weekend ... But happily, I am finally moving house! After 2 months in a cramped and style devoid Nurses Quarters, I am finally being given my own flat! Yippee ...

In anticipation of the flat also being devoid of style, I have done what any self respecting decorator would do and insisted on a few tins of white paint ...
I have no problem painting if it means I don't have to live in a pastel monstrosity ... ugh!
I may post some photos in the near future if the end result is not too embarrassing ...

Happy weekend friends xx


  1. Love the photo! Enjoy the weekend and making the place your own :)

  2. Congratulations! Now you have room for a bigger christmas branch - and lots of other stuff. Great!

  3. A momentous occasion Emma! I'm sure you'll stamp your stylish mark on the new abode very quickly.
    Millie ^_^

  4. Yes....please post before and afters!!

  5. Oh congrats. I know exactly how you have been living. In the mid eighties, 3 of my hospital colleagues and I had the run of the Murwillumbah nurses quarters. Devoid of anything homey... our only joy was 'Auntie Merle', the cleaner, who put fresh flowers on our dressing tables each day..... oh and the $11 a week rent we paid! Enjoy your new digs... absolute luxury now!!! A-M xx

  6. Judging your taste by your blog, I'm sure your flat will be gorgeous in no time. Congratulations!


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