Mrs S and the Quest Part II

Dear Mrs S,

While leaning heavily towards 'Hampton's' style-interiors, of which I most certainly agree are fabulous, I wanted to show you an alternative but very similar look from Scandinavia.

Tine K is a Danish interior designer with a fabulous eye for clean lines with collected pieces as accents. You should read her bio, she sounds like such a lovely person!

I really love the stark white walls with the super glossy dark wood floors and the lack of anything ornate in the building itself. Simple skirting boards and architraves, some planking on the stairs, basic square paned windows and unobtrusive beams on the ceiling are the elements that make this house so elegant. She then adds simple personal pieces to bring it to life. Reminds me of your eye for well edited classic interiors, Mrs S x

I think the lovely dark decking would look gorgeous out the back of the house once some clearing has been done... then you will be beating friends away with a big stick just to get some time alone xx


  1. Mr & Mrs S - I'm coming to live with you..... and I know where you live!!!!!
    Emmy - you do it everytime, how do you find these beauties!!! loving the flooring, and that decking?? - perfect! x

  2. great post! i love and want the cabinet in the third photo!


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