Mrs S and the Quest Part III

Mrs S, I provide you with a third decorating scheme, slightly different to the last two, but still in keeping with the general theme ... enjoy my dear x
This house belongs to Nancy Fishelson, an architectural designer from the US, well known for designing and renovating in spectacular country style ...

This kitchen is great - I know I go on about kitchens but they really do make or break a house ... a great place with a skanky kitchen is disastrous ... and vice versa ... ugh.

I love how this u-shaped kitchen wraps around the island ... and the detail of the beams inlaid into the ceiling with those lovely pendants hanging down ... not to mention my favourite tongue and groove topped with that grey slate counter top ... classic country sophistication ...

I really like the proportions of this living room ... I am not completely sold on the floor rug but I really like the dark boards, flat whitest-white paint and those lovely 4x6 windows ...

She uses lots of mangle fabric ... another favourite of mine ... and lovely white linen for slip covers ... always chic.

This room is particularly pretty. Nancy is known for her collections of utilitarian objects, particularly folk art and reclaimed objects to be used in different settings ... chess boards as serving trays is just one example.

I love the styling of this scene ... the doors of this cupboard flung open to display the neat precision of its contents, the casual drape of a vintage quilt, and the giant tub of hydrangea blooming happily in the sunny window ... just gorgeous xx


  1. Very inspiring photos. I love the fireplace too. If the inside of my cupboards looked like that I would have the doors flung open too!

  2. yup, i was just thinking how my linen closet looked exactly like that. When did you sneak in and get a photo

  3. LOVE IT EMMA! - god you were meant to do this for a living darling girl!!!

  4. That house is stunning. I do like the floor rug though, and I will have a bucket of Hydrangeas to go thanks.

  5. These are beautiful images, Love the simple design of each room!!

  6. The exterior photo and the kitchen photo alone were enough to make me wonder if I could move back to the midwest. I'm craving architectural elements! Beautiful...as always.

  7. My Monday turned out to be a pretty good day because I just found your blog for the first time off of Absolutely Beautiful Things. You have a great eye for style! A new devoted reader is born! Thanks!

  8. Doesn't get any better than that does it! Absolutely divine home... just my taste. I have left an award for you on my blog. A-M xx

  9. what a dreamy linen cabinet

  10. it's all pretty dreamy. But, yes, I'd happily move into the linen closet.


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