New House Blues ...

I am finally moved in! Yippee ... unfortunately my place looks nothing like this stunning room ...

It is a flat completely devoid of architectural features and has not been painted in well over 10 years I would say. But I have stripped it back to the basics - all curtains and lace things are down, all hooks out of walls (there must have been 50!) and spacked up the massive holes I made, and all the windows are washed. It is a little bit better now ...

I have done one coat of paint in the spare room and it is a massive improvement. Did I mention I got Dulux Antique White USA? But there is a built in wood veneer cupboard in there with one door missing and it is wrecking the aesthetics big time! I will have to wait for the hospital maintenance man to find it - where can a cupboard door go though?

The main bedroom is fine, the bedside tables are a bit ugly but I will make some ticking stripe covers for them. I will be painting it this week in the same lovely bright white. This room is the least of my worries ...

It is the open plan sitting room/kitchen that is the major dilemma ... and for the first time in many, many years, I am at an absolute loss as to the furniture arrangement! I think this is mainly because the furniture is nasty, hideous and cheap and I will have to hide it all in the shed and start again. It is a tricky room for a reason I can't work out yet, but luckily it gets lots of light, has a huge window and the carpet is sort of grey flecked colour but is fine.

Woe is me. This is my biggest decorating challenge yet. But I think my brain will clear when the entire house is freshly painted. Doing it on my own though, it could be a few weeks ... people have offered to help but I like to blast Elton John and Michael Bolton greatest hits, and I need to sing along, not make conversation ... I will just have to grin and bear it!

I do apologise for the lack of before photos - I have completely wrecked the zoom on my camera and I just can't zoom back out enough to get a good shot - I will have it fixed in time for after shots, but I am sure you can appreciate now that I could, under no circumstances, wait to get it fixed before I started painting!

Will keep you posted xxx


  1. Oh I wish I was there to help - would be hilarious! - and to repay all the help you gave me with mine - at least yours is temporary, i BOUGHT MINE!? - surely a bit of Lionel Ritchie is playing as well? and perhaps some Def Lepard? x

  2. Sounds like a big transformation! Pulling down curtains and using loads of white paint I am sure is going to make a huge difference, even when there are no stunning architectural features.

  3. You will have to have another look at your "Impossibly Perfect" post you done with the house with no features...it all looks better with white, and Antique White USA and Chalk White USA are a decorators best friend. I am sure you will make the place stunning Emma, can't wait to see what you do. Good luck.xx

  4. Can't wait to see pics!!

  5. Happy news - have fixed my camera - or rather the boy downstairs has fixed it ... photos next week girls and thanks for the pep talk - I needed it!

  6. The greatest challenge... you will look back on this and have learnt so much! You will say, "If I can pretty up hospital accommodation, I can do anything!" A-M xx

  7. Well done you for improving your temporary accommodation. I am sure the place will be hardly recognisable after you have finished with it. Looking forward to seeing the pictures.


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