Oh-so-good ...

This is a great house ... beautiful Hampton's - shingled - fitted interior - dark floors - white walls - tongue and groove - heaven ... where do I sign?
Fabulously detailed hallway - many attractions for the eye but still quite simple - I adore the collection of baskets and the interesting sky-light in the ceiling ...A gorgeous sunny spot ... Americans certainly do these windows well, they seem to be everywhere ... we Aussies need to catch on ...
The windows again! Brushing your teeth from here would be a real pleasure ... sublime pressed metal sinks and matt black counter ...
I love-love-love this cupboard that opens on both sides ...
These sconces for bed side lamps are just lovely great forethought in the planning - you can never have a whim and move the bed though - might be a problem for someone like me who is constantly moving furniture ... my living room has flipped 3 times this evening ...
I'm sure this stunning view doesn't hurt either ... imagine soaking in that pool on a hot summers day ... these architects certainly have outdone themselves here ...


  1. What a beautiful house and a surpurb location!! Good luck with your studies.

  2. that bathroom is from heaven! the windows are divine!

  3. I love this House, it is gorgeous. In regards to your question from my blog. I dont have a link as such, but I can tell you the magazine is Aust Vogue Living, June/July 2000 (it was from my LOVE file) the photographer was Niels Ahlberg. I hope that helps Emma, good luck with your study and the decorating. xx

  4. Sorry Emma, but any offer you make I'll gazzumph you every time! This is mine!
    Millie ^_^

  5. A RUNCIBLE SPOONJuly 31, 2008

    My precious Em...If I could give you that house I would. Isn't it lovely. Happy Birthday for Saturday my treasure xxxxxxx Mum

  6. Happy birthday too Little Emmie.
    For your birthday I would love to give you this house. OMG it is so perfect in every way - I love it more than Krispy Kreme donuts!
    Hope you are doing well, dont be a stranger XXX

  7. What a breathtaking home. Thanks for sharing.


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