Old Man River ...

Now this is a houseboat! Can you imagine sailing away down a meandering river on one of these? House boats in Australia are so devoid of style compared to this beauty ...

My Dad would be at the wheel singing 'Old Man River' in his best baritone ... I can hear him now x


  1. It's a house boat?!! It's amazing.
    Dansih houseboats are normally very cute but a lot more humble than this one - and it would be difficult to find room for it in the tiny canals of Copenhagen...
    Is it just as fabulous inside? I'm sure it has a ball room. A not so tiny 'Tara' on the river...

  2. hmmm - not quite the one I travelled on the Murray on last May - and i'm not so sure the lady with the peek a boo doll who i was on last year would appreciate the grandeur of this one...

  3. this is my husband's DREAM!!! Oh my gosh, if I sent him this picture I'd never hear the end of it.

    Me, on the other hand, I'll stay on land please. Did you read about my latest "boating accident?"

  4. Oh yeah... our houseboats, up here in Brissie, are square, fibro floating shacks with water stains up the walls! A-M xx


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