Pop Prop ...

What a fabulous prop - a bowl of paper popcorn!
Wouldn't this look gorgeous on the coffee table when the girls were coming over for a movie night ...?
Thanks to Matthew Sporzynski via Real Living


  1. um, no it wouldn't because i would expect it is real popcorn covered in lashes of butter and salt!!! - but this is much more waistline friendly, my gym instructor from hell would be very impressed! x

  2. He does some seriously amazing work :) The popcorn looks so realistic!

  3. How ridiculous! You know we need Top Deck, Chips, Pepsi Max, red wine and San-Boy-Chow...paper food is unacceptable!

  4. yeah, bugger the paper - tis perty though. Maybe you could hand it out to kids who are allergic to wheat and peanuts and dairy and all th fun stuff - they'd never know the differnece anyway.

  5. PIPPA! - what if they are allergic to paper though??


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