Red Accents ...

Easy Living Magazine provides us with this sublime editorial called 'The Thin Red Line'.
While I'm a long time devotee of white interiors (hence the blog title!?!), I do have a soft spot for a touch of red.

My favourite red prop is a gigantic faded gold circus drum, with hand drawn red and white stripes on the percussion surface that are imperfectly perfect. It came from a dive of a second hand shop where the owners are true scoundrels with their pricing - as a poor student it was a bit out of my reach, I think it was $60, so Mum to the rescue giving it to me as an early birthday present.
It has taken pride of place in my living rooms over the years and even had a sabbatical with friends of mine as it perfectly matched their new red feature wall! Now it waits for me, wrapped up lovingly, in the shed at the bottom of my parent's garden.

It dictated a tiny hint of red in the colour scheme of my old loft, tying in well with a red stripe on a feed sack cushion and the red trunks I used as a coffee table ...

Used against stark white, red I think it can look truly grand.
The off-kilter red stripes on this couch look lovely ...

These pictures show how red doesn't always have to lead to the addition of Navy blue and therefore the much loved American flag look (which I too love). In these photos it looks delicate while still graphic and bold. A mistake would be to use a red pattern I think, but used in straight lines it looks classic and unexpected xx


  1. Great post from another lover of Red!

  2. I love a hint of red in my white decorating too.

  3. Really thought provoking post Emma!
    It's zero in Stirling tonight, so my blog visits are quick & to the point before I make dash back down to the fire!
    Millie ^_^

  4. wow this is like discovering a brand new mag!!love your blog and of course you won me over when you mentioned Cape Town since my home town is Stellenbosch-just around the corner! Just love every pic and info..well done! will def shortlist this as a fav blog!

  5. those red curtains are fab! and i love the red accents on the door too!

  6. You have such a beautiful and inspiring blog, will come back soon to visit! Greetings from Norway

  7. These sparks of red are divine!


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