Swedish Luxe ...

I'm sure by now, my obsession with all things Scandinavian is wearing a bit thin .... please let me know if it is!

But I had to show you another, yes, completely un-readable, but still stunning website!

Walles and Walles seems to be from Sweden, and I think it is an interior design company...apologies to the owners if they are reading!

Regardless, their work is just exquisite!

It reminds me a lot of how my mum likes to decorate - stunning mix of stripes and checks and big coloured lamp bases - their Hills home is stunning xx


  1. black and white gets me again! and totally get the feeling of your parents abode in these shots. do you think we could recreate this look in my little sh*t box home?!? x

  2. where do you constantly find all of your incredible photos! Girl, you have an eye. Beautiful shots as usual.

  3. Sally AnnJuly 02, 2008

    No it is never boring looking at beautiful pictures keep it up. Swedish houses are something special.

  4. Very beautiful rooms. Stylish, but not too formal or unwelcoming. I love all those gorgeous windows too and the mix of old and new.

  5. Very lovely. The company is Swedish and has a shop in Stockholm. Think I'll have to go there sometime soon...

  6. Hey Emma never stop with the Scandanavian stuff!!

    Black & white the classic combo - also dare I admit that it's the colours of my Footy team - go Port!!! Yes, you will probably expunge The Laurel Hedge from your life now I've admitted my deepest, darkest secret!!
    Millie ^_^

  7. Oh no!!! Exactly the opposite Millie - I am the one lonely Port supporter in WA!

  8. Such a bummer when I see a piece of furniture I love only to find out it's from another country!! :)
    I'm loving the white, slipcovered wing chair.

  9. Oh I will never tire of all things Scandinavian so you can keep posting just for me.... major addict! I love the stripes so much that I am planning such blinds in our study which is going to have a black rococo theme! Thanks for the inspiration! A-M xx

  10. I love these images...Black and white is a classic look and the slip covered sofa's are always a favourite!! I think these rooms are very livable xx


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