Unrequited Love ...

I have a big problem ...

I am in love with a gay man ...

I am almost positive the feeling will not be mutual ... I'm probably not his type ...

I have posted on Thom's Design Firm before ... but was so excited to see his upstate New York rescued fisherman's cottage renovation pictured in Domino Magazine ... enjoy xx

This picture is perfect!

I love the boat and the canoe out the front. And the house has been lit perfectly so it stands out but is not too flashy as you approach it from the water ...

A lovely deck - could be a little dangerous after a few fast wines though ... But you would be stacking it in stylish surroundings and that is all that really matters ... Apparently, he designed this cantilevered deck to mimic life on the water ... or life in the water when you trip!

Entrance perfection ... this lovely work bench reminds me of my white workbench/kitchen island/drinks table ... this is styled so beautifully ... wine bottles on the floor and those fabulous bluey-green glass buoys and a wide gauge rope casually draped on that hook ...
The living areas are designed to look like the inside of a boat with the dark batting on the walls ... the combination of dark furniture and architraves, with pale floors and walls is just divine ... not to mention the sublime windows ...
The look is nautical with a hint of hunting lodge ... those PETA lovers would probably be disturbed by the deer heads on the walls, but I LOVE! You can't hunt deer in Australia and a wombat head just wouldn't create the same look ...
What a lovely kitchen under the stairs. Kitchens are always better with a bit of tongue-and-groove on either the cabinet doors or the walls ... classic nautical chic

This is a lovely serene bedroom ... I really like the horizontal lime washed planks on the walls ... if you have ever slept on an old-school yacht you will know this is exactly what it is like! And, it is such an odd choice to paint the beds lime green but it looks just right for the room x

And here he is on the private jetty again ... perfect dog ... perfect boat ... perfect outfit ... perfect man! Snap out of it Emma! It's just not going to happen ...


  1. one of my favourite posts yet!!! - the view from the front when it is lit up reminds me a bit of where we stayed for Sarah's hens weekend in Sydney a couple of years ago.
    Damn it Emma - i'm not going to get any work done today, i'm going to have to visit Thom every hour! and your writing.....you are so good at this bella! x

  2. I have a big problem, I am in love with the same gay man that my friend is, but she got there first, dammit. Pure house LOVE

  3. oh wow! yes, he is the perfect man :)
    Love this post.

  4. He is such a great designer. Love this house

  5. You are such a dag Emma.....and I mean that in the nicest way!!! Your best post yet by far - I've expressed a certain fondness for Thom as well, maybe he could adopt us as cousins or something!! Muchos laughter at my visit to W&W today!!

    Just had a bad thought though. We had a garage sale @ Unley before we moved up the Hill & MOTH dug out an old glass/rope bouy he'd had from his diving days. In our naivety we sold it to a guy from Duthy St. for $20 - oops!!!!
    Millie ^_^

  6. May I remind you all that I am much closer to the US, from the UK and can therefore go and physically find him first....it's like Race Around the World but the prize is a gay man-friend instead!

  7. I was only reading about him on Domino yesterday, I love what you have to say...a great post!!!

  8. All of you - get your hands off my man! I saw him first ....

  9. Come on, you just love his place and the fact that he is capable of style and obviously has never owned or worn a lace up pirate shirt.... my first meeting with my hubby!....A-M xx

  10. Oh Thom, why don't you swing my way? I'm a nut for this house - its so tastefully done and masculine. I'm so crazy about exposed shelving in kitchens lately - makes me want to rip out all the cabinets in my kitchen and put up lack shelving from ikea so I can fill it with beautiful white dishes.

  11. Great post on every level! He has a way of styling a home to make it look completely unstyled....like it has evolved that way over time.

  12. You're not the only one!! Count me in on that crush ;-) Love his style, his dog and what a uber stylish boat!! ;-)

  13. Very enjoyable read, love the commentry. I agree he is devine. I saw a taping of Queer Eye for the Straight Guy in my second week in NY and was far to star stuck to actually say anything to him. As soon as he left I kicked myself that I didn't volunteer to be their coffee girl or anything they needed. Although they did appear to have a coffee boy!! Typical.

  14. I just keep opening up my Domino to stare at this exact spread over and over and over again. I LOVE this lake house. Love everything about it.


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