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Here is a series of photos of the rambly, vintage, but oh-so-great house of the famous Lyn Gardener of Empire Vintage in Melbourne.
Followers of Lyn may note that recent photos of her house are a bit different - these are actually photos from some years ago, before she redecorated. While I love the new look, much more girly, I have a soft spot for this shanty-styling. There are no pictures on the walls, simply bits of typography, and the massive windows and non-perfect paint job make it warehouse-deluxe xThe house, or rather, converted garage has been pictured in many magazines. She definitely has a great eye for seeing the best in things.
When I lived in Melbourne I would trek down south of the river in my rattly old Volkswagen with a padlock on the door, to her gorgeous shop and buy something tiny with my meagre student income.
It gave me such joy xx
This house is actually available for rent for photo shoots and parties! I must save up ...

I love the notion of living in converted spaces such as garages ... there is something to be said for being the one to discover a spaces potential ... no one has been there in the same way before ... and it is a product of your own vision.

But most importantly, she shares my love of old hospital furniture! Why I love it I honestly can't tell you ... having worked in some fairly dodgy hospitals I should hate the sight of it!I dream of uncovering some twin hospital beds under more stinky mattresses ... heaven. The red crosses and theatre lamps tie it all in beautifully.

Two of my most favourite pieces of furniture are a chipped and dented steel and glass surgical trolley that was a prop in a Salvo's store ... it was covered in wood veneer contact and only just fit in my car, but I rescued it and it is now being lovingly babysat by Kim as a bookshelf xx

My other great love is a surgical screen, the old 3 panelled moulded steel version that the doctor would pull around as he examined you. I bought it a few days before I was leaving for Timor, (I couldn't leave it in the shop!) and I had no idea where it would go, until I returned and moved into my loft. It was perfect for dividing the bedroom from the rest of the house - I must have known I would need it x

Thankyou to Taverne Agency for the photos


  1. yay - i love it! and i promise i'm looking after the little book shelf well, kind of like a foster parent - its my kind of kid! x

  2. that last picture is fantastic! i want a tiny framed red cross just like that one!

  3. emma, thank you just so much for such a lovely written story on my home. a gorgeous customer told me about your blog.....it is just beautiful. congratulations
    I am going to sit down tonight and read the whole lot!!

    warmest wishes
    Lyn Gardener

  4. This home is beautiful. I crave the old, but I have always loved loft/garage/warehouse styled spaces.

  5. How about the light in those rooms, and that long table begging for wine filled dinner parties.
    PS. Take a deep breath Emma, I can feel your excitement from here.

  6. Such lovely comments my friends, thankyou. As you can see above, there is a lovely comment from the owner herself, I am so excited I am shaking xx

  7. Emma my darling - This is so much fun.....Maybe I can throw some light on this fascination with the "hospital ware". I've never told you this but you did actually sleep on an old hospital bed for a few years as a small child! It was in our Rainbow house along with various other cast offs from the country hospital storeroom. :)xx

  8. oh lord. this home is beautiful. i want to rent it forever! thanks for the post & the intro to taverne.


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