Wire Whimsy ...

Surfing the web for my favourite shops online, I recently looked at the French and Country website and was thrilled to see these exquisite sculptures happily smiling back at me ... I have been trying to track one down for years x

The story reads as follows ... I have kept the cover of the British Homes and Gardens from years ago in my Beautiful House File, always hoping I would stumble across them for sale one day but silly me didn't keep the article and I never knew who the artist was.

I would Google search for 'whimsical wire sculptures' to no avail, but one quick email to the lovely Suzie Anderson confirmed that yes, she stocked them! Hooray xx

The artist is Pascale Palun, who trades under the company name Vox Populi, and is from Avignon, France - imagine the fabulous rambly warehouse she would work from ...

Originally, I thought she only made the wire 'lampes' - I know that looks like a spelling error but I'm sure it is the French word for lights (I'm only meant to be learning Swedish this year, not French!) but she makes many more delightfully whimsical creations ...

How pretty would this cake lamp be as a wedding present ... or as a stunt cake beautifully lighting up a corner of the reception as you dance the night away ...

And imagine my delight when I see the globe lamp! I haven't yet posted on it, but I have a great obsession with collecting globes of the world and maps, and this would be a glorious addition to my growing family ...

She must love her work - getting to be creative and whimsical and artistic every day xx


  1. Oh Emma - these pieces are simply exquisite! What fabulous find - I love their slightly quirky feel.

    The Man-of-the-House still has the wonderful globe from his childhood, but as much as I love it, I think I need to look at grouping some together. I noticed a gorgeous one sitting in Rodney Twiss's store window on Glen Osmond Road tonight, so will make a bee-line there tomorrow.
    Millie ^_^

  2. I want to say thank you, sweet Emma for your post over in my neck of the woods today and to say, I too am in love with this artist and haven't been able to track her down....until now! Thank you so much!

  3. Hi Emma,
    Thankyou for your blog on the Vox Populi Wire scultpures...I have them dotted around the house until the showroom opens and they really are so beautiful. Pascale is so clever! I hope to see you in Bowral soon.

  4. fabulous and spectacular. I hope to visit the studio when I go to France in October. I promise pix if I get too!
    bliss farm antiques

  5. Pascal is a very lovely and friendly person... I was fortunate enough to live in that area of France a few years back, and her shop in Avignon was one that I always, always loved to visit... it really is magical and amazing...


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