Different In A Good Way ...

Bedroom deluxe ... with the ever gorgeous Hermes blanket taking pride of place (read more here ...)

I have surprised myself immensely by loving the leopard carpet ... I also have a very unfashionable ex who would have gone mad for this ... and much to my dismay, I probably would have agreed ...!

Sometimes I think I have such a precise view of what I love and what I would never consider - and then sometimes it all goes topsy turvy...

I guess that is what keeps decorating so interesting ... a room is never really finished and we still search for that perfect piece that might tie it all together ...

Here are a few other rooms that I have done a double take over ...

Crazy couch - nothing of my usual scandi chic about this room but it is just fab ... (sorry, I can't remember the source)


This room is so busy yet still serene ... I have surprised myself today and feel like I may take a few less calculated risks in my new decorating project ... how very liberating xx

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