Glass House ...

This restaurant just blows me away ...

I read about this years ago in a magazine and was super excited to finally find the link ...

It is called De Kas, a greenhouse rescued from demolition by someone with great forethought ... it is just a little outside Amsterdam ... booking my ticket now ...

I love that they have this really big potted plant inside ... and the tables and chairs are not the same if you look closely ... an interesting and effective zoning tool ... the interior is designed by Piet Boon ...

Just imagine how good this restaurant would look at night when it is gently lit from the inside ...

Love these giant baubles in the ceiling ... I think this must be the VIP section

A gorgeous patio! I imagine this is full to the brim in the Euro summers ...

Truly sublime ... and the chef has a Michelin star ... I say this like it matters (I don't even know what it means!) but really, they could serve me $50 toast and I would be tickled pink!


  1. I love Piet Boon! This is just fabulous, I haven't come across it before. I would also love to see it at night - those hanging lights look gorgeous.

  2. wow wow wow wow!!! that place is gorgeous!!!

  3. Awesome, what a great place to have a wedding, or a great party.

  4. It's not even outside Amsterdam, but in the eastern part of the city in a park called Frankendael with an old estate in it

    The great thing about De Kas (meaning Greenhouse in the dutch language) is that they grow their own vegetables and herbs. So only seasonal dinners and fresh from the land that day.

    And the correct link: http://www.restaurantdekas.nl/

  5. Thanks Irene, I did have the correct link - where I got the photos from - but I have been having trouble with my silly blogger so it switched it around a bit! Have fixed it now. How exciting that someone has been there ... I can't wait to go there in person xx


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