Hello Again ...

I wish I was relaxed as this gorgeous and furry friend ...

I have had a crazy busy week my friends - on Sunday I had a 4 hour drive south and have been all week on a study course (I will leave it at that because it is a bit unladylike to divulge what type of Nursing I really do for a living). It is now over though ... happy Em xx

The most important part of this trip was, of course, to go shopping ... and shop I did ... I have a car full of second-hand treasures to prop and style up the daggy flat, an all important couch cover because in its current state it is the colour of Superman's undies, and 3 new lamps to add some mood lighting should I ever entertain a love interest ... unlikely but I am getting ready!

Despite not being over-the-moon about my flat, I am excited to get there and put my stamp on it finally. Plus, I must be back to watch the Olympic opening ceremony ... essential viewing as far as I'm concerned ...

Thank you for being patient in my absence ... I will be back in full swing next week and may even post some before and after shots ... xx


  1. Welcome back Em - I've missed you and am so looking forward to seing your finds!
    Best wishes!

  2. Hi, we are looking at the Olypics opening now, my husband is involved in the broadcasting from China! Ahhh, we are nervous:-

    Hugs Gunilla

  3. welcome back! Hope you have a lovely weekend!

  4. Can't wait for more posts. We've missed you around here!

  5. Welcome back Emma. Enjoy your time back at the ranch making it your own little piece of paradise. The shopping trip sounds like it was very successful! A-M xx

  6. Welcome back! Cannot wait to see what lovely things you found :)

  7. Lovely to have you back Emma!
    Millie ^_^


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