Missing Winter ...

A beautiful serene winter image ...
I am missing winter for the second year in a row ... yes, I said missing it!
I am probably mad, but I have a cupboard full of jackets feeling very empty without me inside them ...
I'm sure none of the southern readers feel sorry for me at all, but really, being cold is just lovely!
Have a happy weekend snuggled up by your heaters my dear friends, see you on Monday xx


  1. miss you lots this week bella. I promise to have an extra cheeky glass of vino for you this weekend while snuggled on the couch, magazines open, laptop on lap and dvd's on. Hell, I might even make tuna parcels xx

  2. Coming from Brisbane, I know exactly what you mean. I have to go to Melbourne every so often just so I can wear my coats.

  3. I could do with a bit of snow too. I love wearing coats, scarves and gloves outside as long as I can be warm and cosy inside. I'm not too happy about the chill breezes that are whipping through my draughty Queenslander at night, with no heating!

  4. I don't miss winter so much, but I absolutely miss fall and spring.

  5. Well I live in Toowoomba Queensland and we are having one of the coldest winters in a very long time... One day in topped the beautiful temperature of 2 degrees (rain, hail sleet that day) so yes please send me some coats.....lol!!!! Your blog is simply beautiful...Take care Cathy

  6. Snow means I don't have to go to work, so I always enjoy that...mind, it's happened 2x in 20years. My snowmen aint very good...

  7. I keep coming back to this photo and staring at it. It's just so gorgeous. I think I'd look forward to winter more if there were actually more snow in NY. When I was younger, there used to be crazy blizzards and we ALWAYS had a white Christmas. This picture takes me back there.


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Happy day dear friends xx