Oh Dane ...

These are photos from the House Doctor Catalogue ... I truly had tears in my eyes when I first looked at their site ... get the tissues ready people ...
Of course, it is Danish - no other country has such style and grace in there interiors as far as I can tell ....
I would love a black boarded house like in the first photo - might be a little hot in the Australian summer but I suppose that is why air conditioners were invented ...
So beautifully styled ... so simply elegant ... I could buy it all quite happily xx


  1. oh geez! SOOO good to have you back blogging. This is heaven. LOVE IT.

  2. What gorgeous rooms. I love the way they all look lived in, instead of just styled. And there is just something I like about mirrors casually propped up against a wall - hopeless with small kids in the house of course!

  3. I agree with Kimberlee - YIPPEEEEE for having you back. These images are insanely perfect. Perfect. Perfect. Perfect.


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