Pretty Paper ...

These stunning pictures are just a tiny snippet of the many magical works of Aussie duo Alana and Sara from Poppies for Grace. ...
You must go to the website now ... and then straight back here of course ... but their gorgeous designs will have you hooked ... I also loved the garlands and mobiles ...
This brown paper set, as my friends and family would confirm, is absolutely my favourite style of wedding invitation ... I love a casual postcard... and a lolly bag never ever goes out of style!
My name is already on the invitation ... now just to find the man ...
... minor detail ...


  1. Ok Emma I am doing as I am told but awww the link doesn't work...I will see if I can find Poppies for Grace another way.

    Hows the painting and Emma-ing of oyur flat coming along? Can't wait to see.

  2. All fixed possums ... blogger is doing my head in! Grrrr ...

  3. Hi!
    Maybe you think it´s silly and ou don´t want anything to do with it, but I have given you an award at my blog:-

    Have a nice day!


  4. Hi...

    I found you at "a home far away" and I just want to say, that I really like your blog.

    Nice pictures & design.

    // Linda from Sweden.

    (sand mellan tarna means "sand between your toes")

  5. Gorgeous paperie Em! Will wander over & take a good look @ their site.
    Millie ^_^


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