Romeo Romeo ...

Slightly off course from my usual furniture loves ... I surprised myself by falling head over heels for this fabulous Verona Armoire by Anna James ...

Inspired by the graffiti clad walls of the house where Juliet was said to have lived, messages are scribbled on the walls by those who visit Verona, Italy from all over the world ...

Lucky me has been to that very house, but alas I was minus pen that day so don't expect to see "Emma Woz Here' jotted anywhere on this beautiful piece!

Thank goodness... hey?


  1. I agree - I love it, and I'm surprised! Reminds me of my school pencil case - he he x

  2. Traditional yet edgy, I like it. I does remind me too of something you would see at school, on a book cover or picnic table even. Heidi

  3. Also shocked.....but I like it!

  4. This would seem easy to reproduce....just let KIDS under 3 with pens and markers draw all over it! ha!
    I do LIKE it though. :))))

    Jen Ramos
    '100% Recycled DESIGNER Cards & More'


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