Come About ...

What would Nautical Week be without a nod to the master of all things beachy and casual himself ... Ralph Lauren ...
I don't know if it is the Adelaide girl in me or what ... but I will never tire of this look in interiors ...
I love that it is all a bit crumpled and shanty, with a beat-up old captains chest and lots of stripes ...
Righto - that's Nautical Week done then ... I promise not to saturate you with stripes for at least a few days ... he hee xxx


  1. Indeed his look is a classic one, if only we could all live so simply...ah! Enjoy your weekend, Chrissy

  2. Hi Emma, loving your blog I check it out every day; you've actually inspired me to start my own, thank you.


  3. Have loved Nautical Week @ White & Wander Emm! And love RL almost as much!
    Millie ^_^


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