Drink up ...

Could this be the most gorgeous brewery in the world? The photos are a little eerie, but imagine it in peak condition? Those windows are divine!

Bet Luce would be a little happier at work if she could be in this beautiful space xx

The abandoned Stella Artois brewery in Belgium as photographed by the team at Opacity


  1. Just found your blog (thanks to Brown Button).
    Love these anatomical sketches.Hope they are available for sale.

  2. Girl, if i had a myspace you would be in my top friends! two words: DEF LEPPARD! my altime fav, not to mention the fact that I love every single one of your posts!

    If this is only a brewery the rest of the architecture in Belgium I bet is to die for. Thanks for sharing this. I just went over to Opacity site and they have the most wonderful photos!

  3. Such beautiful, beautiful images Emma! Yes, those windows are just stunning, can you imagine what a blank cheque book could do to convert this space into something amazing.
    Millie ^_^

  4. WOW... talk about wanting to live in a brewery... that is STUNNING! WOW... I'm overwhelmed... the architecture... the railing... WOW... sorry I can not saying WOW!
    Thanks for sharing!


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