J'adore ...

The photos of this divine french barn speak for themselves ... but forgive me for adding a few of my own musings ...
I would happily move in and not change a thing ...

I dream of shelves above a doorway one day ... and these frenchies are pretty nice too ...

Waking up in this loft bedroom would be such a lovely way to start the day ...

I love this blue painted floor ...

All those cafe au lait bowls on open shelving ... utilitarian heaven!
And below, this person owns 3 glass cloches - lucky ducky - they are my favourite thing ...
And here are more shots of those fabulous bookcases ...

What barn would be complete without a casually propped ladder ...?

And back-to-back couches? Awesome use of space ...
It does have a masculine feel, but I just adore it ...
Reminds me of my funny little loft ... oh, how I miss it...

Eyes peeled for abandoned barns in the Hills girls ... we could have a joint holiday abode ...

Photos ... here


  1. WOW. emmy - as I scrolled through these stunners, all I kept thinking of was how much it reminds me of your little lofty house..... ahhh, the good old days. Today I miss you even more. xx

  2. I too love bookshelves above doorways. I keep trying to find an appropriate place in my apartment and keep coming up empty handed!

  3. Fabulous post Emma! Just love those blue painted floors too - how brave to do that, but how great do they look!
    Millie ^_^

  4. Love the frames they look gorgeous!

  5. Well that cottage is definitely better than the haunted horse stable (with no electricity) that I lived in when I was in France last year Em! I was thinking about it the other day actually! We must find a rambly barn somewhere and make it look like this!xxx

  6. OMG! Can I just move in please. That is perfect and the fact that it is in France is even better (I think the only reason I live in London sopmetimes is because it is only 2 hours from Paris :)

  7. great post and great space!
    i would happily move in with you!

  8. Just discovered your blog and am going to get in trouble at work for spending too much time looking at it!!!! I will be back to visit often!

  9. there is nothing like a good collection of items! Anything from books to plates becomes beautiful when each piece was carefully selected and loved.

  10. Oooh. Ya, maybe that's what my house needs: a cloche. My house is much more clean, slightly more modern, and I love it. But a part of me wants a house just like this and one that's VERY modern and white with lots of colourful, mod thingies and a sleek clean-lined leather couch. I guess I just need a pad in the city, a cottage on a lake and then my regular house. Ya... I'll get right on that!


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